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This is a 5 min 30 sec film edited from 5 hours of mixed smartphone footage

Movie Maker

Step 1: Initial Chat
Tell us what material you have i.e. Iphone or camera footage and send it on to us.
You can send us a USB, CD, DVD or the files directly over the internet. We will help you all the way! From there we look over the footage and check how many hours there are and how much editing time will be required. We will then give you a quote for how much the finished film will cost at the length you request. 

Step 2: Creative Process
We will ask you if you prefer certain types of music and if you want the film to be looked at online by family and friends. If this is the case then we need to explain to you music licensing rights. 
We then get creative and blend together a wonderfully memorable film. All your favourite moments collated as a home movie with professional editing. 

Step 3: Production times
 Within 2 weeks of the quote being accepted we should have a finished film ready for your approval and sign off . 

Step 4: Delivery
We will deliver the film on 2 duplicate DVD's in a leather display case plus a leather and chrome USB stick. These will play in any DVD player or computer. We can easily make more copies at your request. 

Our editing rate is £30 per hour

12 hours of your mixed footage can make a brilliant 15 minute film. 
Vat to be added. 

A very unique personal present!