About Ed

Ed Shepherd is a professional photographer and travels the world taking photos of beautiful homes, their owners and their passions. These images are then used to make bespoke books with Shepherd Bespoke. These books are a direct result of our clients wanting something special to display their own holidays, their homes and their families. We work for royalty and a number of well known families and well are known for our discretion. We have the utmost respect of an individuals right to privacy especially when we are entrusted with their personal photographs.



At Shepherd Bespoke, we are passionate about photographs being seen and not stored away. We all take so many pictures now on all types of devices but sit on them until they build into a mountain too big and too scary to muddle through.

This is where we come in, we had the same experience. So we decided with our photographic background to produce the best products to display our family photos. We take the pictures off you and send you back a bespoke book or collage. We can work with you or take over completely. We can even come and sit with you at home and sift through your pictures choosing the ones to use. We are on your side and genuinely want you to show off your pictures to friends and family for years to come. Iphone photos are as important to you/us as dslr photos and we can make them look great. 

"Ed has an extremely reliable set up. I like to use him in the UK and I commissioned him for a week in the Caribbean. I appreciate attention to detail and am continuously impressed by the imaginative shots. I highly recommend Ed and his team."

Peter de Savary - 'PdeS' - Hotel and Club Owner

Why Shepherd Bespoke?  

Do you have time to design a book or collage and do the pictures and memories justice? 

We are fortunate with our background to have access to the finest printing available and truly bespoke books made by craftsmen to show off your pictures.

Do you need advice on your pictures and what to do with them? 

Do you want your photos to be seen in luxurious products that will last for years to come? 

We understand the time it takes to do all of this which is why we do it for you.

          Telephone: 01451 844400  Email: info@shepherdbespoke.com

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